hello, talent.

we're on the hunt for KILLER talent.  It's a big job, for both us. UNLIKE SOME OTHER "PODCAST NETWORKS" WE ARE NOT LOOKING AT HAVE A MILLION PODCASTS. WE WOULD SETTLE FOR A FEW REALLY GOOD ONE. CONTENT IS QUEEN. If you make it through the application, here are some of the perks you'll enjoy...

we handle hosting.

no more spending money for you, sweet thing.

we will migrate your podcast to our network. stop spending money on your podcast, and focus on making it good.

we promote you.


from search engine optimization to full blown social promotions and contesting, you're no longer alone in this game.

we share $ with you.

50/50. we take the risk, you get the cash money, honey.

so now that you're not spending money on your podcast, and attracting new listeners, looks like we should all get paid.

there's a catch, love.

your podcast (OR IDEA FOR ONE) has to be good. period. every podcast will be put through the ringer. we will be developing talent here. so, if your podcast has potential, be prepared to work on it. we are here to help, and make some money. you should be here to get better, and make some money. 

if you're ready to drop the ego, and build something badass, let's go.